Date(s) - 26/08/2020
18:00 - 18:45


Due to the current situation with COVID – 19 Heartfulness will now be transmitting LIVE online on the dedicated Heartfulness Heartsapp platform.

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Wed, Apr 1 (Recurring)
07:00 PM
Abingdon Heartfulness Meditation
I.D. 717-203-480


Every Wednesday starting at 7 and finishing around 7.45 pm there is a Heartfulness meditation group taking place in the Abbey open to both beginners and existing meditators.

What is Heartfulness meditation? It is a modern form of Raja Yoga based on the heart. It is a very simple yet profound path. We focus on the idea of the presence of the source of light, or divine presence within the heart. There are two very distinct and helpful features that support meditators who try this out. One is called transmission which is a kind of subtle spiritual nourishment that may be felt just as a kind of very soft current. It helps us to feel more connected and to sink into the experience of meditation. The other is the concept of cleaning or clearing. This technique works on dissolving old patterns and the daily residues of experience and life which can weigh on us.


If you were to join us, we would begin with a short, guided relaxation and with some directions to help newcomers bring their awareness to their heart and the focus of the meditation. We do not aim to concentrate intensely, or to get rid of thoughts, we simply rest our focus on the supposition that there is a source of light within our heart drawing our attention towards it. Then we rest there and observe how we feel during and especially afterwards so that we can see if there is any change.


The common reaction from those who try Heartfulness is that it feels pleasant and relaxing and is easier than expected. People often also report feeling lighter and calmer. You are welcome to simply join in with the weekly group at the Abbey now on-line with zoom. Heartfulness can also provide a daily practice and this can be supported regularly by meditation sessions on a one to one basis either in person or remotely. There is also an app called Heartsapp.

Rosalind Pearmain