The Abbey is a spiritual retreat, education and conference centre, offering a unique place for restoration, inspiration and transformation. More details about The Abbey and our work can be found on this website.

The most important criterion is that those who join us are willing and able to work together to serve the wider Abbey Community and the long term mission of The Abbey, enrich our work as a group, maintain our beautiful centre and strengthen our links with the wider community. Being a member of the residential community involves maintaining the centre’s unique and welcoming ethos through aspects such as cooking, cleaning and maintenance of the grounds and planning and supporting the programme events and hiring of the facilities – and what is required to ensure their success. This requires qualities such as initiative, maturity, flexibility, empathy and willingness to contribute to the wider work of The Abbey.

We work on the basis of a range of shared, collaborative principles, processes and practices which are explained in more detail in a separate document, available on request.

Experience and expertise in areas such as hospitality, gardening, buildings, office management and marketing will be valuable and we will do our best both to make use of, and enable you to develop, these in your time at The Abbey. We are very open to new ideas on how best to develop the work of The Abbey. Experience indicates that those who commit to the life of the residential community gain enormously from doing so in a range of ways.

Members of the residential community receive a modest stipend to cover living expenses, in addition to accommodation and food. While there is a possibility of part-time membership of the community, to enable members to pursue other interests, we would normally expect at least a 4-day a week commitment, though, as indicated, flexibility in terms of roles and hours is an important aspect of membership of the community.

Deciding whether there is a good fit between what The Abbey and individuals can offer each other takes place through a discernment process, involving discussion and a period of time living and working at The Abbey. We will be happy to explain this process and answer any other queries, if this opportunity is something that you would like to explore.

To express an initial interest, or to find out more about The Abbey and what is involved, please email Dylan Hayden. Please do not visit the Abbey without an appointment.


Our intention is to welcome all who wish to visit The Abbey and are open to self-enquiry, community and spiritual growth. There are various ways to come here:

Coming on Retreat

  • Come to our monthly three day Rest and Renewal Retreats.
  • Come on a personal retreat (subject to availability).

Coming with a group or for a significant celebration

  • Hire a room for the day for your courses, meetings or workshops, with a delicious vegetarian lunch and refreshments.
  • Hire the Guest House and rooms in the main house for a residential group (maximum 19 people, with some sharing) with full board.
  • Hire The Abbey for a wedding reception, naming ceremony or significant celebration.
  • Supporting the Abbey – click Contact and get in touch with the Administrator for further information

Supporting the work of the Abbey

  • Join the Abbey Company as a member and participate in our Annual General Meetings and Community Days
  • Join the Abbey Council and participate in the long term management of The Abbey
  • Make a financial contribution to The Abbey

Coming as a volunteer

  • Join the community as a volunteer, participating in the work of the community and experiencing the life here.
  • We belong to WWOOF and HelpX and welcome residential volunteers throughout the year for visits of 2-6 weeks, with shorter or longer stays possible by arrangement.