A Celtic Spiritual Retreat to Celebrate ∞ Lughnasadh ∞ The First Harvest ∞

Begins 31 Jul 2018 10:00 AM - Ends 2 Aug 2018 02:30 PM


Join The Abbey Community to Celebrate the Celtic Festival of Lughnasadh.

Tuesday 31st July to Thursday 2nd August 2018.

Led by Molly Gowen, Irish Druid, Author and Artist


This two night midweek retreat will be a time of transformation and healing within the Celtic Spiritual tradition, i.e. Anam Cara.  The theme of the retreat will include:

  • The search for the Holy Grail of Arthurian legend, a journey towards the higher self, i.e. Christ Consciousness.
  • The retreat will be a journey of self discovery guided by Molly, using visualizations, laying on of hands and creative expression to identify and clear any blocks that may hold you back from realising your full potential.
  • This retreat will be mainly silent with writing drawing building fires, ritual and making corn dollies.
  • The festival will culminate in a celebratory meal and ceremonial fire.

We will share a sacred time in the intimate and healing space provided by

The Abbey Sutton Courtenay.

This will be the first of the ‘Four Quarter Days Celtic Spiritual Retreats’.

The next retreat is to celebrate Samhain, 30th October to 1st November 2018.

The costs vary depending on your ability to pay.

For people who’s income is below £12,000  – £160

For people earning between £12,000 and £20,000 – £195

For people earning over £20,000 – £220

To Book Your Place Call Wendy on: 01235 847 401

or Email: admin@theabbey.uk.com