“les préparatifs” – Open Studio

Begins 9 Jun 2017 04:30 PM - Ends 9 Jun 2017 06:30 PM

“les préparatifs” (works in progress) is a unique collaboration between artist François Andes and pianist Gustavo Carvalho, exploring music and myth in a four-day residence at the Abbey.

On 9 & 10 June François will be creating new drawings in the Great Hall, in correspondence with Gustavo’s exploration at the piano of Bach’s Goldberg Variations. See and hear the artists at work!

The project is based on research into the analogies between beliefs and mythologies throughout the world. It feeds on the ancient mythologies of five specific geographical spaces; Africa, South America, Russia, Belgium, Japan; serving as a framework for the imagery of the project. The commonalities between each territory and its genesis make it possible to create infinite bridges between each of these civilizations. François Andes creates a bestiary inspired by local and universal tales and legends, fantastic creatures, fauna, flora and sylvan myths populated by unicorns, sylphs, fauns, dryads, and chimeras.

All of the events are free though donations to the Abbey will be gratefully accepted.