Unravelling Time – Art Exhibition

Begins 20 Sep 2015 12:00 AM - Ends 3 Oct 2015 12:00 AM

Opening – 2.15 pm Sunday 20th September 2015
Closes -Sunday 4th October 2015

Open Week Days  2- 5pm  and  Weekends 11am – 5pm

Closed to viewing 28/29 September

In partnership with the Artists of Magdalen Road Studios (Oxford) The Abbey is proud to present an exhibition of art works to be displayed in the grounds and various rooms of the Abbey Sutton Courtenay.

The Abbey is an ancient building dating back to the 12th Century. It has been in continuous occupation from that date and gone through a number of changes not only to the design and shape of the structure and grounds but to the use of the building.

Each of the artists has visited The Abbey on several occasions and the work they exhibit is as a result of the feelings evoked by their sense of the building and the landscape in which it sits. The time that the Abbey has been in this location has been significant in this project. There is a strength of continuity and history imbued in its walls. The pieces are multimedia and highly individual, as you would expect, being based on each artists response to the ‘heart’ and ‘presence’ of this site. Where possible each piece of work is located in the area each particular artist felt this connection.


Les McMinn
Claudia Figueiredo
Helen Ganly
Madi Acharya-Baskerville          ,
Anna Simpson
Ann Rapstoff
Vicky Vergou
Jonathan Moss
Ellen Hausner
Paul Medley
Sonia Boue
Kate Hammersley
Annabel Ralphs
Anna Morris

Come and join us and view some truly original work set in the site which inspired its creation.

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