Founders Memorial Lecture – Solidarity Economy – Dave Darby

Begins 19 Oct 2018 07:00 PM - Ends 19 Oct 2018 09:00 PM

Join The Abbey community for our Founders Memorial Lecture, presented by Dave Darby,
Co-founder of &
For 20 mins Dave will present his case for the Solidarity Economy.
He will then open the floor to you, the audience, answering questions and encouraging debate.
Come and thrash out the future as we know it, at this vibrant and lively lecture and Q&A.

Dave Darby is co-founder of a workers’ co-op that runs, which helps people live more sustainably, and, which helps people say goodbye to multinational corporations.

One of our Founders, Fred Blum promoted economic democracy – with the Scott Bader Commonwealth, amongst others. He favoured an economy that was neither capitalist nor communist, but was based on co-operation in communities. This economy is being built, by good people working in community energy, community-supported agriculture, workers’ co-ops, housing co-ops, community land trusts, Linux and free & open-source software, credit unions, independent media and soon, platform co-ops. It’s called the ‘Solidarity Economy’, and crucially, includes self-employment. It’s a free market – freer than our current neoliberal economy, which should satisfy the right; but it’s non-exploitative – you don’t get rewarded for anyone else’s work but your own, which should satisfy the left. Also, there’s no requirement for the economy to perpetually grow to maximise returns for shareholders, which should satisfy greens.

The corporate sector seems unassailable – they have powerful weapons: money; ownership of the media; the lobby industry; political donations; jobs for politicians; the advertising industry; sweatshops; scale; loss leaders; tax avoidance and, well, real weapons. But we have a secret weapon that they can never have – solidarity. People who have it are key to growing this new economy. Next will come people who would like to live in safer, happier, more vibrant communities, and finally people who are motivated only by prices. The Solidarity Economy is growing in the cracks in capitalism in the same way that capitalism grew in the cracks in feudalism. No-one would have believed then that money-lenders and itinerant merchants would rise to take over from monarchs and the church. But they did; and the Solidarity Economy will rise too – as it must if we are to have a sustainable society.

There is by definition no future for a society that is not sustainable.

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